Guess Who-o-o Is Who-o-o!


1. I like bunnies and dogs.

Most people like me.

I also like math.

Who-o-o Am I?

2. I like soccer.

I have 3 sisters.

I have two guinea.

Who-o-o Am I?

3. I have blue eyes!

I have glasses!

I'm a boy!

Who-o-o Am I?

4. I have two brothers and two sisters.

My mom's named Nancy.

I lost three teeth.

My dad's named Grant.

My brother is funny.

Who-o-o Am I?

5. I have brown hair.

I have two sisters.

I like track.

I like cats and dogs.

Who-o-o Am I?

6. I have blonde hair.

I have one sister.

I have hazel eyes.

Who-o-o Am I?

7. I have one sister.

I have one mom.

I have one dad.

Who-o-o Am I?

8. My favorite color is yellow.

My friends are Krissy and Nile.

My favorite day is Monday.

Who-o-o Am I?

9. I have two sisters.

I have greenish blue eyes.

I have a dog.

Who-o-o Am I?

10. I play with my brother.

I have a bike.

D'Andre is in my family.

Who-o-o Am I?

11. My favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings.

My eyes are blue.

My friends are Derek and Chanel.

I am a girl.

Who-o-o Am I?

12. My favorite pet is cats.

My favorite thing to do is color.

My favorite thing to do is watch football.

Who-o-o Am I?

13. I like the Minnesota Vikings.

I can play basketball.

I can play baseball!

Who-o-o Am I?

14. I have one sister - a 1 year old.

I am 7 years old.

I love macaroni & cheese.

I have brown hair.

Who-o-o Am I?

15. I have brown eyes.

I have brown glasses.

I have 13 I Did Its!

Who-o-o Am I?

16. My eyes are black.

I play soccer.

I am brown.

Who-o-o Am I?

17. I have dark brown eyes.

I have black hair.

I am seven years old.

Who-o-o Am I?

18. I like the Redskins.

My favorite food is pizza.

I have glasses.

Who-o-o Am I?

19. I have a gameboy.

I have a clock.

I have a book.

I like Halloween.

Who-o-o Am I?

20. I'm a great helper!

I'm a great cook.

I'm a great good kid!!!!!

Who-o-o Am I?

21. I have a dog.

I have a big bike.

I like to play football.

Who-o-o Am I?


1. Krissy

2. Kyle

3. Lucas

4. Cody

5. Christine

6. Alexa

7. Callan

8. Derek

9. Dakotah

10. Chanel

11. Jessica

12. Riley

13. Shane

14. Jonna

15. Freddy

16. Dylan

17. Paul

18. Lincoln

19. Nile

20. Ethan

21. Jonah