Veteran's Day 2003

Pearl Harbor survivor Derell Christopherson is teaching

us about the Veteran's Memorials located by the Clay County Courthouse.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Veteran's Day.

I learned there are 17 veteran suvivers.I learned Pearl Harbor was bomed.I learned about the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corp, and the Army.


Mr. Christopherson taught us that there are 5 flags. He fought in ww 2 and korean war.


I learned about the flag and the Army.


I learned that Derall was in the World War II. Adam is in the Army.


It was fun!


I learned about the Army, Areforce,Marinss and the Cost gard flags.


I learned that Derall Christopherson was in the Korean War and he was in the WW II.


I learned that Derall fought in WW II and Korean War and I saw five flags and the flag's names are Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, and Coast Guard.


I learned that Derall fought in WW II and the Korean War. Derall is a Veteran.


I learned about Derall-he was in WW II. There were Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard flags.


I leaned that I had four uncles in the war, and one died named Tommy.


He fought in W.W.Two.He talked

about the Navy,Army,Airforce,

Mariens and Cost Guard.


I learned what all five flags meant. They were Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard.


I learned Derall Christopherson fought in the Korean War and in WW II. He was a survivor in Pearl Harbor. There are five main jobs: Navy, Air Force, Army, Marines, Coast Guard.


I learned that Derall must be scared if he was in the Korean War and WW II. My Grampa was in the Korean War and WW II also. I think that my brother is going to be in the war when he is 18, or maybe in the service.


I learned that Derall Christoperson was our tour guide. Derall fought in WW II.


I learned about Chris and the war. I learned about World War 2 and World War 1.


I liked the people who fought in the war. I like the people who built the memorial.


I learned that there was an explosion at Pearl Harbor and that Derall survived the explosion. Derall was in WW II.