Susan B. Anthony

People said that Susan couldn't vote but her father said that she could so she broke the law. Susan want's people to beleive in ourselfs. Susan's face was on a coin. Susan's dad said that Susan needed an education. Susan learned how to read when she was just three years old. Susan B. Anthony was a very, very smart woman.


Susan B. Anthony could'ent go to school as a child. Her dad taught her to read. He also thought that even girls need a good edication. susan B. Anthony faught for wemen's rights. Like voting.


Susan B Anthony is famous.

She is so famous that they put a picture on a coin.

its as big as a quarter.


Susan B. Anthony wanted to vote! Her father wanted her to have a educashion. She learned to read when she was just three years old! She was a very smart girl! she wants people to belive in thereseves!


Susan B. Anthony trid to chance the lows. Cautious careful people always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing never can dring about a reform. She is on a coen.


Susan is on a coin. She let women free. Thank you for helping women.

Happy birthday Susan B. Anthony!


Susan B. Anthony was a girl. Also in her days women could not vote. They had to clean and iren! Susan B. Anthony was born on Febuary 15,1820. Susan B. Anthony's face was put on a coin.People had them and the coin looked like a quoter. But it relly was a doller!

So now you nerver see it.


She couldn't vote. She broke the law. She is on the coin.


susan b anthony was thretned.

she is alon in class.

susan b is a fames prsun.


She brock the iow. She wason a coin size as a qorder.I like susan a lot but she dide.



Susan B. Anthony

She got arrested and sent to jail. Susan is on a coin. Susan diyed when She was 86.


She is a Great women. She broke the laws so women could vote. She is on a silver dollar. She died in 1920.




Susan is in the dollar



Susan B. Anthony

broke the law because she voted.


Susan B. Anthony

She was arrested. She was put on a coin. Wemen wern't vote.


She wanted the women to vote. her head is on a coin. She bied when she was 86.