Second Graders Describe Santa Claus




Santa sings jingle bells noisly.

Santa has a white beard.

Santa wears yellow gloves.

Santa was dressed in a red suit.

By Lincoln

Santa has a beard.

He is nice because he leaves presents.

He leaves Christmas.

He loves kids.

By Freddy

Santa is a man.

He has a beard as white as the snow.

Every Christmas Eve he leaves presents only if you're good and if your bad he leves you coal!

So try to be good!

Santa wears red clothes.

Santa's cheekes are red and his nose is like a cherry.

Santa lives at the North Pole.

Santa has elves that make your toys!

By Christine

Santa is nice because he bring present to children.

Santa has a beard that is white and he has a red coat.

He has a reindeer named Rudolph.

Santa is kind of fat.


Santa has eight reindeer.

He is very very smart because he sees you when your bad or nice.

Santa has a big white beard.

He has a big red suit that's white too and a cap.

Rudolph has a red nose.

Santa Claus comes down the chimney.

If you doun't have a chimney ,his magic

makes one.Then

after he is done,it is the same again .Santa is

very very very very very nice.

by Jonna

By Dylan

He make toys.

He came down chimney.

Santa delivers presents.

By Callan

Santa is nice because he Brings toys to children.

Santa smokes a pipe.

I like Santa.

He goes down the chimney.

Santa has a big bag of toys.

By Nile

Santa wears a red and white suit!

He has eight reindeer.

He brings us presents when we are sleeping.

He climbs down the chimney.

By Chanel

Santa is mostly red and white.

Santa has a beard.

Santa has a red nose.

Santa has a black belt.

Santa has a reindeer named Rudolph.

Rudolph has a red nose.

By Jessica

Santa claus has 9 reindeer.

Dancer,Prancer,Doner,Blitzen,Vixin,Comet,Cupid Dasher,and Rudolph the red-nose reindeer.

Santa also has lots of elfs.

Old St. Nick comes out every Chirstmas Eve.Dec,25.

By Derek

Santa has a beard.

He is very old.

He is very nice.

He delivers presents to boys and girls.

He wears red and white clothes.

In the winter, his cheeks are red.

By Cody

Santa is nice because he brings toys to kids.

He knows if kids are bad or not.

He looks like a person with a fake beard.

He is fat.

He has a deer named Rudolph.

By Jonah

Santa has a white beard.

Santa wears red and white clothes.

Santa has 9 reindeer.

Santa delivers toys.

By Riley

Santa has a red and white suit.

He is a nice guy because he brings you presents.

He is a good looking guy.

He has a big beard.

By Shane

Santa is very quiet.

Santa can give coal or Santa can give presents.

Santa is a boy.

Santa has a black belt.

Santa has a red nose.

Santa has a beard - a long one!

Santa has some reindeer - a lot of them.

By Ethan

Santa is jolly because he leaves presents and they all are everything you want!

Santa is magical because he has lived forever.

Santa knows how to go up the chimney without climbing.

Santa can see you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake.

He knows if youv'e been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!

Be good or Santa will give you coal!

That's what Santa said, you know that?

He comes down your chimney when your sleeping and makes you HAPPY!

By Krissy

Santa has a long white beard!

Santa wears a white and red coat!

Santa always says Ho, Ho, Ho!

Santa always slides down the chimney on Christmas Eve!

By Lucas

Santa is very nice because he gives us presents every year in a stocking or in a box!

Santa has a white beard!

He is kind of fat - don't you think?

If you are bad every year Santa will give you coal!

But that's bad!

Every year santa wears a red and white suit with a black belt!

If you don't have a chimney then leave your door open at night!

Santa also gives presents to children and adults that are good of course!

Santa has kind of black eyes!

He also has kind of small eyes!

Also he has gray hair!

Santa's cheeks are red!

Santa has eight reindeer!

Santa has a red nose!

Santa is old!

That's the end!

By Alexa

Santa's suit is red and white.

His belt is black.

Santa is fat.

Santa gives me toys.

By Paul