Second Graders Describe Santa Claus




Santa Claus

santa wears a white beard.

santa has a black belt and boots .

santa brings toys to boys and gils.santa smils.

by Matt

Describing Santa

Santa has a red suit and a white beard.

He has a red hat. He has a big smile.

He has black boots. He brings lots of toys to good kis and none to bad kids.

by Dylan

What Santa Looks Like

He has a red suit. He has black boots.

He has a black belt. Santa has a big smile.

by Dusk

Describing Santa

Santa delivers toys to kids. Santa has 9 reindeer.

Santa sees kids at the mall. Santa lets them sit on his lap.

You have to be good or Santa will not bring you toys.

Santa never dies. Santa has a white beard. Santa has a red outfit.

by Mackenzie

Describing Santa

Santa has a white beard. He wears a red suit and black boots and a black belt.

I think he has glasses. He has elves.

He also has reindeer that fly.

He delivers toys to every child in the world.

by Sarah

Describing Santa

Santa is a jolly old man.

He has a snow white beard and a jolly plump belly.

A cherry like nose. He is so awesome at bringing toys.

by Kelsy

What Santa is Like

Santa has a red suit. Santa is pals with Frosty the Snowman.

He has been to vermillion a billion of times.

His beard is white as the snow.

Santa says Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Santa rocks!

by Jay

Describing Santa

Santa is res and white.

Every Christmas Eve he delivers toys to all the children.

He has lots of elves to help him make toys and he lives at the North Pole.

It's very cold there. He has a head elf that gets to ride in the sleigh with him.

He has a big sack of toys.

by Kalli

Describing Santa

Santa is Jolly he has a big white beard.

He brings lots of toys to the little children all over the world

before the morn.

by Tim

Describing Santa

Santa is nice and magical.

He brings toys to good kids.

Kids leave cookies and milk for him.

He goes to his sleigh.

by Austin

Describe Santa

Santa has a round belly. Santa has a red suit, reindeer, and a sleigh.

Santa is nice. Santa brings toys to good kids

and none to bad kids.

by Crimson