Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges Ruby's teacher was caring. Ruby was brave. I learned don't judje people by the color of their skin.


Ruby Bridges I saw caring from two techrs. Ruby's mom sowd caring as wel.


Ruby Bridges it was caring. Ruby Bridges was sad.


Ruby Bridges I saw alot od caring. Ruby felt a little scared. Don't be scared.


Ruby Bridges was feeling not so happy but she felt a little happy when she and her teacher were working together but she was lonesome because she did'nt have any classmates or freinds and there people outside her school but she went to a white school so the people outside her school are mad at her and they say that they are going to kill her,pioson her, hang her, but all she does is pray for them so god and his son can forgive them just like they forgave the people that did the same thing to them one day.


Ruby Bridges Ruby bridges is cating


Ruby bridges I saw nice piller's in the movie like the teacher was caring for Ruby. Ruby was sad when her dad could not come to school with her. I learned that you do not be mean to black people.


Rudy felt sad and happy. Her Mother was caring and Her dad was caring too. I learned that how bad white people can be to black people.


Ruby bridges is a brave little girl. She was it even sad because white children did not go to that class because their Parents do not want their kids to be around her. She felt sad because she could not play with kids. At the end a kid that she did not like was her friend. I leaned that if your black or white god will sill love you.


Ruby wa


Ruby Bridges Ruby teacher was Respectful to her. Ruby felt Brave. I learned that when Ruby went to a white School he tather lost his job.


Ruby Bridges I saw respect in Ruby because she repected her god.(of course!) Carl (Ruby's dad) was very caring because he tried to get money to put food on the table. Ruby felt very calm. I learned that Ruby had a phycyatrist.


Ruby Bridges In the Movie we see caing. Ruby feeled Sad. I learned about Ruby she went to a wite school.


Ruby Bridges I saw caring from the teacher. The mom was concerned. Ruby was brave




Ruby Bridges I saw caring of Rubuy. The mom I saw respectful. The dad was afraid that Rudy would get hurt. I Leard that I Shall be brave. Rudy was a little brave girl. Like I am a brave little girl.


Ruby Bridges Ruby was caring, fair and a good citizen. Ruby felt ok. White kids don't treat black kids good back then.


Ruby Bridges Ruby's teacher was being so fair. Ruby was scared but her mom told her that "god loves you." Ruby was brave to. Bob was very caring. someone threaten to kill her.


Ruby was so reponsible she did what the marshell tald her to do The teacher said that Ruby was her favorite student. Ruby felt sad wen she had noe one


When Ruby whas takin in Rubys mom whas nerves. Rubys teacher whas imprested of Ruby nowing evreything in a school with nobody. Evrey day a mob whas in front of the school. Ruby whas a very brave person.


Rudy Bridges I saw caring and the teacher was caring. Rudy was respectful.


Ruby Bridges Rudy was a brav. shy moved to a white school. no kids liked Ruby.