Ruby Bridges


She did not listen to the people who did mean things to her.


Ruby Bridges was BRAVE. She went to school. She was happy at the end of the movie.


Ruby was a kind girl. Ruby was brave by not looking back. Ruby was in 1st grade. She was sad because people were saying bad words. She was happy because the kids changed. She was smart by the tests but somebody was lowering her score. She was excited by her new school.


She was brave when she turned around and prayed for them. Ruby was very smart.



Ruby was BRAVE everyday. Ruby was sad because her dad could not come with her.


Ruby is brave because she was not scared when she goes to school. She is little and is really smart. On the first day of school she was very very pretty.


Ruby was brave because she walked through a path that led to the school when white people were calling her names. She was nice.


Ruby was a brave girl. She walked through the crowds of angry people. Ruby was excited on her first day of school. Ruby was a little first grader. Ruby was a smart girl. Ruby was a kind girl. Ruby Bridges was sad because she didn't have any friends at school.


Ruby was brave. She wasn't looking

at the people.


She was Brave because she walked to school. Ruby was sad because one old lady was scaring her.


Ruby was kind. She was brave too. She did not talk to the other people. She was sort of little. She was in 1st grade. She was very smart. On the first day of school she was excited but in the middle it didn't go so well.


Ruby was a brave girl because she walked where people were calling her names and threatening her. Ruby was excited when she found out she was going to a new school but when the other kids came to her room they did not like her.


Ruby was brave when she went to school.



Ruby was Very Very BRAVE! She was

smart and kind. She was excited to go to her new school. Every time Ruby was going to school she prayed.


She was always BRAVE! She was


Ruby was kind and she was very brave.

When she went to school people

yelled mean things but she

just kept on walking. She was

little. She was only in 1st grade.