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May 2002

Volume 3, Edition 9

May Birthdays

Happy birthday to Chanel who turned 8 in May. Happy early birthday to Paul who turns 8 in June.


We met our epals in person on May 15th. We played games to get to know each other. We shared information about our schools and enjoyed a picnic lunch together.

Classroom Website

Enjoy looking at your child's work throughout the summer on the web page at WWW.VERMILLION.K12.SD.US, click on Austin Elementary, then second grade teachers, then Miss Vik, and then on classroom website. The students work will be on displayed on the website through next year.

Student Of The Week

Kyle was our last Student Of The Week. We found out Kyle might be a hockey player when he grows up.

Rotary Helmet Day

The Rotary club again visited Austin Elementary School to present helmets to the second graders. Dr. Yelverton and The Prairie Peddlers presented a program about bicycle safety and shared some of the equipment used by bicyclists in bike races. The golden rule of bicycling is "NO HELMET, NO RIDE"! Enjoy bicycling this spring and summer with those new helmets.

So Long Austin, Hello Jolley

We visited Jolley School on May 7th with Mrs. Schwartz. Mrs. Schwartz introduced us to the third grade teachers and some third grade students. We took a tour and found out where Mrs. Schwartz's office is located. Jolley School seemed bigger than Austin, but the students are excited about their surroundings for next fall.

Top Ten Things To Do This Summer

1. READ .....................6. Soccer

2. Swim.......................7. READ

3. READ......................8. Visit the park

4. Bike.......................9. READ

5. READ.....................10. Picnic

Character Counts

Our final Character Counts assembly featured third graders from Dakota Valley. They performed a musical entitled Freedom. Austin and Jolley students enjoyed the presentation at the High School Ausitorium.

Electronic Portfolios

Each student is bringing home an electronic portfolio. The students made a month by month power point of second grade using Microsoft Office 98. We have also scanned some items and included some other power points made throughout the year. You will need Microsoft Office 98 to run the programs. If you can not open a file because it is corrupt, try opening it with an application such as Adobe PhotoShop. I would appreciate any feedback to improve the project. if you have any questions about the CD call me or email me.



April 2002

Volume 3, Edition 8

April Birthdays

We did not celebrate any birthdays this month.

Social Studies

We are finishing a unit on citizenship. We learned about the three branches of government and community leaders.

SAT Testing

The SAT Tests were given the first week of April. Results should be back the last school week in May. If they're not back, they will be mailed to your home.

Student Of The Week

Two more students have been featured as the Student Of The Week. Jonah would like to be a police officer. Dylan would like to be a police officer or a lawyer to help children and families.

Classroom Website

Check out our latest additions to the website including our How To Papers. find out how to do many different things. Go to WWW.VERMILLION.K12.SD.US, then click on Austin Elementary, then second grade teachers, then Miss Vik, and then on classroom website. come and see!!!!

Arbor Day

April 22nd was Earth Day. One of our recent weekly Readers spotlighted some ways to help the earth including planting a tree. National Arbor Day was Friday, April 26th, 2002. We were able to participate in a tree planting ceremony at Prentice Park. Mrs. Burbach taught us the song "Plant A Tree" to sing at the ceremony. Our class read Have You Seen Trees? by Joanne Oppenheim. Each of us had a chance to place some dirt in the hole.


We have started Chapter 10, which focuses on numbers in the 100's. We have been adding and subtracting large numbers. Each student has been working on a number book throughout the year. Students are writing numbers to 1000 & beyond. Many students have earned a spot on the Number Wall of Fame.

Character Counts

This month Austin students have been studying citizenship. The theme of our asembly was volunteerism. The staff and students at Austin School recognized and thanked all the volunteers who worked at our school this year.

Important Dates

May 3rd - Rotary Club Visits - helmet presentation ......................May 7th - Visit Jolley School

May 10th - Visit Third Grade Science Fair... May 14th - Dakota Valley Assembly at the High School

May 15th - Epals from Centerville visit .....................May ? - Visit CourtHouse/ Sheriff Station

May ? - Visit Dr. Wood's Woods............. May - 24th - Last Day of School (2:00 p.m. Dismissal)




March 2002

Volume 3, Edition 7

Character Counts

Trustworthiness was the Character Counts pillar we focused on for the month of March. Small groups of students performed “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in our classroom. After the performance, the students discussed why nobody believed the boy when he finally needed help and yelled “wolf.”

Character Counts

Trustworthiness was the Character Counts pillar we focused on for the month of March. Small groups of students performed “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” in our classroom. After the performance, the students discussed why nobody believed the boy when he finally needed help and yelled “wolf.”


Two-digit subtraction with regrouping is the topic of our current math unit. The students are doing an amazing job demonstrating the process with the rods and cubes. As you practice math problems at home, ask your child to TELL what is happening as s/he regroups.


Weather has been the focus during science. Students made wind vanes and tried them out. We learned about different types of clouds and made a large classroom cloud book. Look at the sky with your child. What type of clouds do you see?

Classroom Website

Check out our latest additions to the website including a Susan B. Anthony page, a Ruby Bridges page, and a page of science activities with Miss Ott. Go to , then click on Austin Elementarty, then second grade teachers, then Miss Vik, and then on classroom website. Come and see!!!

Unplugged Books

Students are given the opportunity to check out books each day to read at home. Books are leveled so students can find a book just right for them to read. Students should be logging books read in their agendas. Second graders are demonstrating responsible behavior as they read and record pages read.

Student Teacher

Miss Ott's last day with us was today. We thank her for helping us learn, and we wish her the best as she begins her teaching career!

“Student Of The Week”

Two more students have been featured as the Student Of The Week. Lucas would like to be an archeologist or astronomer. Lincoln plans on being a basketball coach.

Coming Up

March 29th, 2002 – No School - Easter Break

April 1st – 5th, 2002 – Standford Achievement Test Administered – Students will need two #2 pencils for the week. Optional – a water bottle and a nutritious snack prior to taking the 10:15 am test (crackers will be available)



February 2002

Volume 3, Edition 6

February Birthdays

Happy birthday to Alexa who turned 8 on February 15th. We celebrated Christine's half birthday on February 19th. We also learned that Laura Ingalls Wilder, Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony had birthdays in February as well as 3 Presidents!

Character Counts

Caring was the pillar of focus during the month of February. We performed a caring musical for the entire school on the news. Mrs. Burbach helped us practice our singing parts during music class.


Students continue to practice math facts to 18. We are beginning to regroup 2 digit addition and subtraction problems. Ask your child to tell you what the word regroup means.

“Student Of The Week”

This month we had four more Students Of The Week – Cody, Krissy, Riley, and Miss Ott. Cody plans to be a farmer. Krissy might be a teacher or a drum majorette! Riley wants to be an archeologist. What do you think Miss Ott will be?

Social Studies

Our history unit with a focus on Laura Ingalls Wilder has come to a close. We enjoyed a variety of activities. Some of our favorite activities included square dancing, learning about bear traps, rope making with Pastor Sandy, Mrs. Stockland's slides and books, the spelling bee, Mrs. Passick's antique museum, a classroom picnic, making log cabins, and making button yo-yos.

Black History Month
The second graders have been studying important contributions to our country made by Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges, and Rosa Parks. All the second graders gathered in the hallway to sing a rap honoring Rosa Parks. We also read books about each of these people.
Miss Ott recently began student teaching in our class. She is a USD student who will spend 6 weeks in our classroom preparing to become a teacher. We welcome her to our classroom!

Miss Ott has begun a unit on weather. The students have spent several days exploring air using balloons, feathers, straws, syringes and tubing. Ask your child about air pressure and compression.

Coming Up

March 4th, 2002 – Last Night of Conferences

March 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2002 – No School - Spring Break

March 29th, 2002 – No school – Good Friday





January 2002

Volume 3, Edition 5

January Birthdays

Happy birthday to Dylan and Jonna who turned 8 in January! We also observed Lucas' 1/2 birthday. Thanks for the delicious treats.

Character Counts

Fairness was the Character pillar that was studied in January. We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. The students performed a play detailing Dr. King's efforts for a first grade and kindergarten class. Each student recited a portion of Dr. King's speech.


We have just taken the Chapter 5 test focusing on place value and patterns to 100. Solving number riddles is a fun way to practice what we have learned. Make up some number riddles at home. Example-I am a number between 19 and 25. I am an even number. I have 0 ones. What number am I?

“Student Of The Week”

This month we had four more Students Of The Week – Paul, Jonna, Ethan, and Callan. Paul would like to be an airforce pilot and a soccer player. Jonna plans to be a teacher. Ethan is interested in being a pilot, a mechanic, or do site construction. Callan will be a doctor or dentist.


The students have been learning to square dance with the help of Mrs. Fischbach, Mrs. Burbach, and Mr. Upward. The Red River Valley is our favorite! We will square dance with the entire second grade on February 7th.

Social Studies
Our focus is on the life and times of pioneers. We have made log cabins that are on display in the hallway. Thank you to Cody for bringing straw to create Laura and Mary's Haystack. Please stop by to take a look.


Ms. Sigler would like to remind everyone that the students go to art class every Wednesday. They are busy painting projects and students tend to get a bit messy. Please have the children dress accordingly.

Class List (20) for Valentines

Freddy, Lincoln, Ethan, Christine, Derek, Kyle, Jonna, Callan, Nile, Chanel, Jessica, Alexa, Cody, Jonah, Riley, Shane, Dylan, Krissy, Lucas, and Paul

Coming Up

February 4, 2001 – Dismissal at 1:50

February 7, 2001 – Laura Ingalls Wilder Celebration-– more info. to come

February 13, 2002 – Dismissal at 12:30 for Inservice

February 14, 2002 – Valentine's Day Party/exchange Valentines

February 18, 2002 – No school – President's Day

February 26, 27 & March 4 - Conferences



December 2001

Volume 3, Edition 4

December Birthdays

Three boys celebrated their birthdays in December. Happy birthday to Lincoln, Cody, and Derek! We also observed Krissy and Nile's 1/2 birthdays. They will both turn eight in June.

Character Counts

The second grade students have been exemplifying many of our Character Counts pillars through “Operation Pen Pal.” The students wrote Thanksgiving and Christmas letters to soldiers stationed in South Korea. All the second graders gathered in the hallway for mail call this week as Ms. Stewart distributed our first letter from the soldiers.


We have just completed Chapter 4. This chapter focused on related facts and fact families. Each of the students made a fact family doll using the vowels and consonants in his/her first and last name. They are on display in the hallway.

“Student Of The Week”

This month we had three more Students Of The Week – Alexa Regnerus, Shane Whitman, and Chanel Muecke. Alexa might be a kindergarten teacher when she grows up. Shane hopes to be a NFL football player. He would like to play for the Vikings! Chanel would like to be a singer.


Students may continue to read throughout the month of December to earn a Book It! certificate. I will stamp the agendas when we return in January. The goal is to read at least 12 days throughout the month. Happy Reading!

Social Studies

We have been learning about maps, map keys, compasses, and continents. The students recited a poem to help learn the names of the continents. They also completed computer puzzles of a world map and examined atlases.

Classroom Website

The latest addition to our classroom website include the students' descriptions of Santa Claus. You may access the site by going to teachers.k12.sd.us/lv012.


Each of the students has been assigned a second grade student from Centerville as an e-pal. Our first emails arrived this week. We will continue to email our pals throughout the year.

Coming Up

December 21, 2001 – Dismissal at 12:30 for winter break

January 7, 2002 – Classes Resume

January 9, 2002 – Dismissal at 12:30 for Inservice

November 2001

Volume 3, Edition 3

November Birthdays

Happy birthday to Ethan who turned eight on October 26th. Thanks for the airplane treats!

Character Counts

Steve Miller and Jill Tyler were are guests this month to share an assembly focusing on the pillar of respect. We learned a new song called LOOK AGAIN.


We have just completed Chapter 3 and took our chapter test this past week. Math Soup is a magazine at the end of each chapter. Math Soup is a culminating activity that incorporates the concepts covered in the chapter. Students are asked to bring the magazine home to complete with their families. Thank you for being a partner in education!

“Student Of The Week”

Freddy is going to be an author of funny stories. Freddy read a Mercer Mayer story to the class. Jessica might be an art teacher. She has one brother and one sister. Nile would like to be a coach. Nile shared a picture he took of New York City atop the World Trade Center.


The students are enjoying reading stories centered around nature. The students have recently presented a variety of Henry and Mudge projects to their classmates. Some of the projects included making a map and making a catalog of items needed to go camping.

Veteran's Day

On November 16th we took a walking field trip to the Veteran's memorial located in the front of the court house. Darrel Christopherson met us there and told us about the Veteran's Memorial. We learned that he is a Pearl Harbor survivor. We enjoyed learning about the six flags flying at the memorial site.

Classroom Website

The latest additions to our classroom website include pictures and comments from our patriotic concert, Pastor Sandy's doll collection, and our field trip to the Veteran's Memorial. You may access the site by going to teachers.k12.sd.us/lv012.

Winter Weather

Winter has arrived and with it has come hats, snow pants, boots, mittens, scarves, etc. As many students have the same snow pants and boots, it helps to have outdoor clothing labeled with the appropriate child's name.

P.S. – Don't forget to pack your shoes!!!!

Coming Up

December 4, 2001 – Winter Program @ The High School Auditorium @ 8:00 p.m.

December 21, 2001 – Dismissal at 12:30 for winter break

January 7, 2002 – Classes Resume



October 2001

Volume 3, Edition 2

October Birthdays

We celebrated one birthday this month. Happy birthday to Kyle Jensen who turned eight on October 25th. Thanks Kyle for sharing your birthday treats with us!

Character Counts

We had several guests attend our Character Counts Responsibility Assembly in October. Officer Loder, Firefigher Stewart, EMT Burbach, Matt Bedard (VHS football player), and Majorette Jenette Nygaard shared their job responsibilities with us. We enjoyed seeing each of our guests in their equipment/uniforms.


We continue to work on strategies to assist us with addition and subtraction problems. Recently we have been making a “ten” and then adding on to solve problems. Our flashcard packets have been growing as we have been adding subtraction problems to them.

Student Of The Week

Derek was our first SOTW. His favorite book is David Goes to School. Derek might be a kindergarten teacher when he grows up. Christine was our most recent SOTW. She would like to be a second grade teacher. Her favorite food is cheese balls.


We have finished making our slide shows using KidPix. Each student made a slide show featuring his/her family members.


We have recently wrapped up our first theme in our Reading Series. Our next theme, Nature Walk, will focus on stories that take place in nature and fables.

Classroom Website

Look for Dragon Character Sketches, Signs of Fall, and other information on our classroom website. Go to www.vermillion.k12.sd.us. Click on Elementary Schools, then Austin Elementary, then second grade teachers, and then click on Miss Vik's homepage. If the Vermillion site is down, you can also access the site by going to teachers.k12.sd.us/lv012.

Flag Friday

We prepare each Friday, by the flag pole, for our patriotic concert. The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless the USA are two of the recent songs we have been practicing. We will be collecting donations for the Red Cross the night of the concert. Please come and celebrate America with us!

Upcoming Events

No School – Thursday & Friday, November 1st & 2nd

Patriotic Concert – Monday, November 12th @ 6:30 p.m.

No School (Thanksgiving) – Thursday & Friday, November 22nd & 23rd


September 2001

Volume 3, Edition 1

September Birthdays

We celebrated one birthday this month. Happy birthday to Riley who turned eight on September 15th.If your child would like to bring birthday treats, please send individually wrapped, store bought treats to share.

Character Counts

In September Austin school students, enjoyed a Character Counts Kickoff assembly. The high school cheerleaders taught a cheer. The staff participated in skits demonstrating the six pillars of character counts. During October, we will be focusing on the pillar of RESPONSIBILITY.


We have completed Chapter 1 in our math book. We learned many ways to collect information including Venn Diagrams, pictographs, bar graphs, and tally marks. In Chapter 2 we are learning tricks to help us add; such as touch dots, number lines, and Turnaround Facts.


The stories in our first theme are centered around silly stories. Dragon Gets By is a favorite story of ours. The students wrote a Character Sketch about the main character-Dragon. The next story was about a pig named Julius. Students chose a project to work on centered around Julius.


A variety of animals have been visiting the second grade classroom. We saw insects, a dog, and a cat. We are learning about animal classifications.

Flag Friday

The students have been trained in to lower, raise, and fold the flag by Pastor Sandi Aakre. Four second grade students are on Flag Duty each day. Each Friday, the second grade students gather around the flag pole to honor the flag and sing patriotic songs.

Classroom Volunteers

We are very happy to have Mrs. Morecraft, Mr. Lynch, Ms. Zimmerman assisting in the computer lab. Mr. Larson, a USD students, is assisting Wednesday mornings. If you would like to volunteer, let me know!

“Specials” Teachers

Mrs. Burbach – music, Mrs. Schwartz – Guidance, Mrs. Fischbach & Mr. Hatle– P.E., Mrs. Cafruny – library, Mr. Johnson – computer, Ms. Sigler – art

Coming Up

No School – Monday, October 8 – Native American Day

Picture Day – Wednesday, October 11 – a note has already been sent home with package options and prices


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