Our class was invited to the Middle School by Mrs. Schempp's 7th grade science class. We learned about pollution. Here our some pictures from our trip.

We learned that oil can cause a disease. Oil can kill animals. Fish don't like pop cans. Spilled oil is very hard to pick up.

By Zach and Steven

In my group we talk about chemicals. First we take a bowl. Second we take a little water then put some oil in the bowl and put some toy fish in the oil and have some cotton in the oil. Try to get the oil out of the water and save the animals!

By Hunter

Pollution is bad for fish. The pollution is bad. It will kill the fish. Pollution can even kill us.

By Levi, Tyson, Sam, and Alaura

Some chemicals make holes in the Ozone Layer. Squirt bottles don't harm the ozone layer.

By Alexa, Wes, and Mathia

Don't put oil in the river.Don't litter.

By Karisa

Never put oil in water. Do not litter. Don't recycle bad stuff.

By Dain and Kalder

Our partners were Tom, Trever, and Solaman. We learned that cars make pollution. Factories make pollution also. Smoke also make pollution. Smoking makes pollution too.The End

P.S. Do not Pollute.

By Reanna, McKenzie, and Briannna

We learned not to pollute. We tested acid rain. We learned to keep water clean. We learned thate pollution cripples fish. Acid rain kills things.

By Hayley, Carson, and Brett