Veteran's Day 2002

Pearl Harbor survivor Derell Christopherson is teaching

us about the Veteran's Memorials located by the Clay County Courthouse.

I learned mr Chistopherson was in Pearl Harbor.I saw different kinds of flags.We met Mr. Chistopherson.Mr.Hoffman worksat the clay county courthouse.Mr.chistopherson was in the Navy.


I learned there are 17 veteran suvivers.I learned purrol harrber was bomed.I learned about the Navy,Cost Gard,Meren Core,and the Army.On his hat he had metols from each place he had been.


I didn't get to go because I went to my brother's boxing match.My friend Sarah told me that he was waring a pnye hat.


I learn to respect the flag. I learn to respect the rocks. I iearn to respect the u.s.a.


I like him because he is nice.I like the flags because it is nice.He likes kids.


I learn there was 8000 in the whole United states but in south dakota there are 17.


I learned teris was 17 Veteresh

I LEARNEd that he is in the wror


There are 17 peaple is living! The peaple name is Mr Christothirson! The another peaple we meet is Mr Hoffmen.


That Mr. Christopherson he is in the NAVY!!

I saw some stons. I saw Mr. Hoffman.

I know who works at the Clay County Courthouse.

My favorite part was the stons . Mr. Chrisstopherson

is so nice.


I forgot what I leared.I liked the flags because they had a cool way that they put up the flag and bring it down.I met Mr.Christopherson and Ray Hoffman.I forgot who worked in the Clay County Courthouse.Mr.Christopheron served in the navy.


I leaned thier are only 8000 Veterans left in the USA. When we where there I saw a little lach and you will need a key to open it. We met a Veteran his name is Mr.Cristopherson.There is another person his name is Roy Hoffman. Mr. Chistopherson worked for the navy.


I learned that Mr.Chritopherson fought in pearl harbor.I saw the different flags.I met Mr.Christopherson.Mr. Hoffmen works at the Clay County Courthouse.Mr.Christopherson served in the Navy.


I leared that Mr. Christopherson was in world wore two.I saw: flags stones and last but not least

Mr. Christopherson's COOL hat. I met Mr.Christopherson and Mr. Huffman.Mr . Huffman

works at the clay county cort house . Mr.Christopherson is in the Navy.




I learned that you only can be in one branch of service

at a time. I saw memorials some were big and some

are smlle. I also saw Mr. Christopherson. Mr. Christopherson fought for the navy. Mr. Hoffman

works at the Clay County Courthouse.


I learned that there are about 17 survivors.There were six flags and four carved stones. One flag was America's flag.The other flags were Army, Navy, Air Force, Coaste Gard, and Marines.


I learned


I learned there are three branchs.I saw lots of flags. I saw Mr.Christopherson.Some one that works at the clay county court house is Mr Hoffman.

The branch that Mr. Christopherson serued in is the navy.