Pearl Harbor survivor Derell Christopherson is teaching

us about the Veteran's Memorials.

What I learned is that you have to be acertain age to be in the army.


I learned that some WW II fighters are still alive. I also learned during WW II a ship sank. But I also learned the marines help defend our country.


I learned about WWI. WW II too! I learned about six American flags - army, navy, airforce, marines, coast guard and American!


I learned that you won't see very many people around from WW II.


They made the cement with sand. Their flag pole was different because the rope was inside the poll.


What I learned from Mr.Christopherson was that he was a survivor from Pearl Harbor. I learned that the boat that they were sailing on is still on the bottom of the sea.


We learned about flags. We learned about soldiers. Mr. Christopherson was our speaker.


I learned that they have the rope inside the pole! Only the manager has the key because there's a lock on it.


I learned from Mr. Christopherson that there is a flag for the Army, Marines, Airforce, Coast Guard, and the Navy.