Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin gave a speech this is what he said.

I have a dream that my four little children will one

day live in nation where they will not be judged by the color

of their skin but by the contents of their character.


Martin Luther King Jr. was shot at the age of 39. He gave a very long speech. He wanted white p eople to meat black people. He was very nice to people. People wer very sad when martin died. He grew up and became a minister like his father. People wanted to fite but Martan stoped them. Even though Martin was black he had white friends.


Martin wore a watch that didn't work. He gave a long speech his speech is called I Have A Dream. Martin is an importand man. Martin had a big march on Washinton. I can keep the dream alive by settleing problems with words not fists.




Dr. King he said a speech. It was a fames speech. It is sow fames that it stel lives to day. I love praking for all that he did. Dr. King was kild and the prsin wow kield Dr. King was jans ri ray.


MLK Jr. was a man of peac. MLD Jr. was a important man.

MLK Jr. didn't like violece. He didn't kill people. His dream coming true.

He inspired people to be fair.


Martin gave his speech so white people and Black people can live together. Thousands of men and women came to listen. Martin L. King Jr. is dead but his message lives on! Martin new things were worng. Martin was a good man. Dr. King died at 39 years old Not shred his dream. Martin as a kid worked hard at school.







Martin luther King Jr. has the same name as his Dad only his dad's name a little diferent his name is ; Martin Luther king sr.

Martin luther king Jr. went through alot of violene, he was


Murtin Luther King Jr. was a great man because he taught us to love each other. He got shot when he was only 39 years old. His was born on January 15.1929. In the summer of 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. gave the most famous speech of his life. And he was shot on 1968. Martin went to elementary school, high school.


I learned a lot things from Martin Luther King Jr.

I learned that some boty trid to bomb Mratin Luther King Jr.s house in Atlanta. His wife was with her baby and she was ok.


He was was born in Atlanta Georgia 1929. He said his most famous speech in Washington D.C. by the Washington Monument. He died when he was 39 years old. He died because he was shot by Jame. That he made the law fair By doing CC pillers. I learn that he went to jail.


Martin Luther King Jr. is a farther to me. He's very very nice. I like him because he tried to change the laws. He tried to help black kids and white kids. And he was so brave. I like that he's a peaceful man. I did not like when someone shot you because you are very nice to people. You are my best friend. I'm glad that you use your words instend od using your fists. thank you Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin got sent to jail for trying to change the law. Fames Earl Ray shot Martin when he was 39 years old. Martin tryed to help the black people get treated equal. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1929. Ilike that he changed the law and made it fair. You can keep the dream alive by makeing things fair.


Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta Georgia in 1929. I learned that Martin went to divinity school. What I admire about Martin was he would have had a lot of friends. He is very special about Martin was he was very peaceful man (claiming the nobel peace prize). You could keep the deram alive by breaking up fights, visit people who need help or have disieses.


Martin Luther King Jr. helped people be frinds. when Mrtin Luthe King Jr. was gronup he became a minister like his Dad. he worte the I have a drem spech. he was killed by James Earl Ray.


martin Luther King Jr. was a littile boy and one day his firends would not play with him because he was black. I lerend it boes not mater who you are on the outsied. It maters who you are in the insied. he went to college and become a minister like his father. Some one shot Martin.


Martin was a very important man. Many different people learned from him. I learned that we should all be fair to each other. A special thing about Martin was that he wanted the world to be peaceful. I admire that he said peaceful words. We can keep the dream alive by making friends.


MLK Jr. was shot by a white person. MLK Jr. was a minister like his farther. He visted poor people and he loved them to. MLK Jr. is special because he gave out speeches to all the world. How I can keep the dream alive is steel remeber MLK Jr. I admire how he was brave. He wants to live in peac and nicely. Thoudands of people were lisening to MLK Jr. He was an important person to Africa-Amaricans a lot. They Loved him so much. But one day his house got burn up but his family still lived. He has lots of frinds. He has 1 brother and 1 sister. He got maredie to a women.


Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgigia in 1929. When he grew up one of his jobs was a minister. like his dad. He was a great leader who taught us to respect all people.


Martan Luther King Jr. had a dream that white and black people what be treated equally when he was a kid he knew he wanded to change the law. James Earl Ray shot Martan Luther King Jr. when he was just 39 years old. Sad peopel walked behiend Martan's hand stona there were words on it the words were "Free a last Free at last thank God Almightey I'm free at last" Martan Luther King Jr. was special because he gave speaches his most famous speech was in 1963 Washington DC. You can keep the dream alive by being fair and following his dream.


Martin Luther King Jr. I learn that he deid when he was 39 Jams Eral Ray shot him because he didnt like Martins loes he liket the other loes. In 1963 Martin gave his most famis speech. He dident sowve his perodlomes with his hands he soved his perodlams he soved his perodlods with wordes.


He said important words. He was nice. Martin is black and his dream still lives on.


he was born Jan. 20,2006 in Atlanta Georgia 1929. he gave his most fumes speech in 1963 250,000 people came to his speech. James Earlray shot martin in 1955 he was only 39 years old.



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