Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin taught me a lot about fairness.He died when he was just

39 years old. Martin grew up and went to college and became a minister like his father.When Martin rode a bus he had to

stand so white people could sit. Martin couldn't play with white

people because he was black. Martin liked playing with white



Martin Luther was fair. He cared about everyone else more than anything else. He faught for freedom. He helped change laws. He was a great man. In 1963 Dr. King gave his most famous speech. He was shot when he was just 39 years old. He had a dream. His dream was that his 4 children would grow up in a country where they will not be juged by their skin, but by the content of their character. He also hoped everyone could live in peace.


I learned from Martin Luther King jr that he made a lot of changes for a fair world because when he was a boy. White people and black people could not drink from the same water fountains.


Dr. King has tought me it doesn't mater what color your skin is but how good your character is! He has also tought me do not argue! He changed all the bad laws!


Martin let the black people be free. Martin made it fair so black people and white people could get along with each other and go to school with each other.


Martin let the black people free. Martin made it fair so black people and white people could get along better. Martin made it fair for the whole country.


What I learned from Martin Luther king was that he was a fair kind of porson. he made some BIG changes. Now white and black people are friends and they share stuff. Also in Martins days white poeple thought that black people were different because the color of their skin. But it is different now. and in Martins day they treated black people like slaves and other mean stuff.


Dr. King was a good man. He wanted to chang the laws. That was very nice. He was a stroung man. He gave a fames speech. He said I have Dream that one day my four chirilden will not be judged by the color of there skin but the contnet of ther careter.


You can not play with white and black people.


Care to others. Be fair to others. When there weren't a nofe chars blake people had to stand so white people could set. I like Martin Luther king. Blake people had to yows different drinking fontens. Martin changed the laws. Martin was a cool guy.


He taught me to be good to others. He had a dream that his children would be treated fairly.


Martin taught me that no one should have to fight or have violence.When Martin was 39 he got killed from someone!


he tate me how to be fairness becuse he chanche the lase.


Dr. King was tring to let wiat and blak pepole sit war ever they wontid to in the Bus


Do not Jug people by the colr of there sckin. D not cell.


Martin is a black man. He saved country.


Dr. King was a grat man. he was a Blak man. he sat the slavs frey.



He could'nt go to school with white people.


Martin Luter King fought for freedom. he was born aAtlanta Georgia 1929



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