How to Pull Your Hair

#1. put your hand on your head.

#2. take your hair and pull it

#3. say ow!!!!

By Taylor

How To Ride a Bike

You get a bike. Then you get on the bike and then you peddle finally you are riding a bike.

By Trinity

How to do Gymnastics

Do a cartwheel.

Do the splits .

Then do rolls.

Now you are good at gymnastics!

By Tiffany


How to Play Yu-gi-oh Cards

yu-gi-oh are monster cards. At

By Napé

How to Fold a Flag

First hold all four corners of the  flag. Then fold  the flag across the  short way. Last fold it in a triangle. Finally you are done.

By Avery

How to Play Baseball

The pitcher throws the ball. You hit it with baseball bat. You need to go to all the bases. If you go to all the bases it's a homerun! Who ever has the most points wins the game. PLAYBALL!

By William

How to Make a PB & J Take two pieces of bread and put butter on one slice. Put peanut butter  on the same second slice . Then smush it  together. THEN YOU CAN EAT!!!

by Sarah

How to Pull Your Hair

First hold your hair.

Then pull it. Finally

if it hurts say OW!

Now you pulled your


by Allison

How to Play Football 

First  only eleven players may play at a time.There are two settings Offense and Defense. There are different positions like on defense there are line backers, coner backs ,defenseive ends and others.1.Your team or the other team will kick the ball.2.If your team kicks the ball the other team will return the ball but before that the referee will flip a coin. The away  team will say haeds or tails. If they are wrong your team picks if they kick  or not 3. Finally and most important lets play football!                


by Alexander

How to Mow The Lawn With a Driving Mower.

First you ask your dad to put the blade on if it is not on. Then you get on the mower. Continue by turning it on. Then push the gear stick forward so you can drive. Now you grab the steering wheel so you can steer. Continue by following your tire marks so you can get it all. Finally you can shut it off. Before you know it you are done!

by Anthony

How to Ride a Horse

Have your mom, dad or brother put you on the horse. Then you hang on to the reigns really tight then then  you shake the reigns. If you want the horse to run then you say ya! ya! I just love horseys!

by Jessie

How To take a soccer goal

Get the ball and it looks like a circle and look for a net. Finally run and make a goal.

By Matthew

How To Ride A Horse

Well, first you have to get on the horse and if your to small you might have to use a bucket to get up. When you want to go FAST you have to kick the horse. If you want to STOP you have to pull on the reigns really hard and at the same time say HOE!  If you turn the reigns right you go right and if you turn the reigns left you go left. That's all! I guess your done. Bye bye now.

By Grace

How To Score a Touchdown

The offense has the ball. The quarterback throws the ball to the receiver or hands the ball to the runingback. They try and run as far as they can. If they go in the endzone it is a touchdown! And thats how you score!

By Heath

How to Make a Comic Book

First make a title of it. Second make pages of it

( you could make something your readers could win ONLY if you give your readers it!)

Last but not least write the end. Check it over. HAVE A BLAST!!!!!

By Austin

How to Cook Eggs

Step one, you Turn on the oven.

Step two ,you crack the egg and let it cook for a couple seconds. Then you flip it over an let the other side cook. Then you take the flipper and scoop it up. Finally you are done now you can eat it all up.

By Michael

How to Read a Book

First you pick out a book. Then  you read the title left to right. Then you start in the inside. Read the book

to the end. Put the book back. There you have it you read a book.

By Brooke


How to Pop a Balloon

 1. get a balloon.

 2. Then blow it up.

 3. Then get a needle.

4. Then poke the balloon with the needle.

5. Finally the balloon is popped.

By Elias

How to  PLAY TAG

You have to run from the person who is it. Try not to get touched by the person who is it. Try not to trip or fall because the person who is it can go up to you and  tag you. If you get touched you would be it and you have to chase the other person or people and touch them. If they say no tag backs you

can not tag them back and

if you do they will not be it. So you have to chase another person who is playing with you. Tag them and you will not be it and the other person will be it. If they tag someone else then RUN. Now you can play!

By Kortni

How to Ride a Skate Board

First put on knee pads and elbow pads. Then put your foot on the back of the end or on the front  of the skateboard and then ride and your riding a skateboard.

By Dylan