How to Play Baseball

First the pitcher throws the ball.

Then you take the bat and try to hit the ball in the air.Then run to first base.Then run to second and third then home. If someone tags your out. Stay at a base if someone has the ball close by. Playball!!!!

By Nile

How To Make A Concocshomabosmo

First you need these following things:

1. jelly

2. peanutbutter

3. a bowl

4. spoon

5. bread

Then you put the peanutbutter and jelly in the bowl.Take the spoon and stir the peanutbutter and jelly in the bowl.Then you take the mixed peanutbutter and jelly and pour it on the bread. Then you eat the yummy Concocshomabosmo!!!!!

By Christine Epping

How to Invent

You can invent anything. It's simple! For example, let's make a basketball hoop and a ball. Here's what you need: 1 big piece of cardboard, a bucket, a piece of paper, and a roll of duck and clear tape.Here's how to do it.First, tape the bucket to the cardboard very tight with duck tape.Put the bucket at the bottom of the cardboard.You got the hoop! For the ball, crumple the paper and tape it all around the ball.Your finished! Let's play ball!

By Derek Iverson

How to Make A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

First you need to get two pieces of bread. But it doesn't matter what kind of bread you use.I usually use white bread but youcan use whaet bread too. Next you have to ask your parents if you can use the Peanut Butter and Jelly.Then you can spread the Peanut Butter on one piece of bread and then you can spread the Jelly on the other piece of bread. Then you can put the two pieces of bread together.After that you can eat it!

By Alexa

How to Make Comic book

First you start off with the title. Then you make the squares. Then you make the cover. Then you make the next issue on the back at the end.

By Riley

How to Cook

I can cook eggs. Crack the eggs and let them sit for 7 minutes have to sit on the stove. Take them off of the stove. Then you can eat the eggs.

by Jonah

How to do ...Arts and Crafts!

First you lay your blue piece of paper down on a table. Then you use white piece of paper and cut out a cloud, then you glue it to the blue paper (at the bottom.) Then you use a pink or purple piece of paper and cut out butterfly, after that you glue them together. After that you use your black paper and cut out a head and antennas, after that glue them to the wings. Then cut the butterfly to the blue paper and...Decorate!

by Krissy

How to fold the American flag

What you need is: An American flag

Where to get a flag: In your classroom

Ok you have got what you need now. Next I will show you how to fold the flag with pictures. So you have the flag like this. What you need to do now is fold where I put the arrows, fold them together done. Now the flag should like this. kind of. Next fold it again like that before. Now this is trickey now. Follow the arrows. Now the flag should look like this. Your done great job!

By Jonna

How to collect Football cards

You will have to buy a pack of football cards. So find football cards next. If you have 100 cards you are a collector.

by Freddy

How to Do Painting

Frist you get a peace of paper. Then you get a paint brush.Now you get some paint.We have got to get the paint brush wet with water. Wait we for got the painting rule! Frist we have not get messy so we will get a towel or an old warn out blanket.

by Jessica 12

How to Ride A Scooter

Frist you get on the scooter.

Then you take 1 foot off.

Then you push on the ground.

by ethan

How To Ride A Bike

First put your helmet on. Secondly you need to get your bike. Then put feet on the peddles. Then you are moving.

By Callan

How To play soccer

you need good moves.

try to get the ball in to the goal.

if you are a gole you need to stop the ball.

by Shane

By Shane

How To Make Comics

Here are the things you need! A stapler, paper, pensils/pens,and an imagination! First you need to think up a good super hero! Now we need to know all about like his powers and stuff! Now you need to think up a bad guy! know you also need to know about his powers! Now you need to know what created your bad guy! Nuclearwaste is usually to blame for creating evil things! It's a comic book makers best friend! Now you need to daydream and brainstorm! daydreaming is easy and you can do it anywhere in school on the bus or even at home!!!!! But you really shouldn't daydream in school! Adults get mad at you if you do! Go figure!!! Brainstorming is easy too!

This is where you get together with a friend and let the ideas fly!!! Then when your ready start telling your story! Don't forget the boxes! Then keep writing and drawing until your finished. Then draw a cover! Then staple all the pages together! Then tada-you have a comic book!

By Lucas

How to Hit A Grand Slam

You should get a machine pich . Have it pich the ball . Then you hit the ball 409 feet . You have to have bases loded .It will be called a grand slam.

By Cody

How to Take Down The Flag

First you go to the flag poleand you talk about the choises. Then you pull on the rope. Now when the flag is all the way downon then you can fold the flag.

By Chanel

How to Play Soccer

If you want to play soccer you have to fowll the rulesand you have to run fast and the rules is no hand only the goly can and is no kick someones feet that is how to play soccer.

By Paul


How to now how to cook omlets. You will need 2 eggs, cheese and an omlet maker. Crack eggs,cook and then close omlet maker.

By Kyle

How to collect baseball cards. First you need baseball cards.Then you need to go to the store and buy some baseball cards. Then you take them home.

By Lincoln

How to Play Soccer

First you put the ball down.

then you kick it to the goal.

then the other team has to try and block it.

the only body

By Dylan