Dr. Wood's Woods


We visited Dr. Wood's woods on Monday, May 14th. Dr. Wood taught us about the trees growing on his land. We took a tree quiz to find out how much we learned. Take the tree quiz below to see how much you know about trees.

Choices are as follows: A.Marshall Seedless Ash, B. Maple, C. Sunburst Locust, D. Seedless Cottonwood, E. Russian Olive, F. Austrian pine, G. Elm, H. Weeping Willow

Tree #1

Tree #2

Tree #3

Tree #4

Tree #5

Tree #6

Tree #7

Tree #8

Answers To Quiz

I learned if a brown tree has candles at the top you should not dig it up. By Reanna

There are all kinds of trees -small ones, big ones, little too! By Levi

I got to have a leaf. It was from an Elm tree. By Alexa

I saw a lot of trees. By Wes

I learned there is a tree such as a Sunburst Locust. It was my favorite tree. By Mathia

Some trees help us a lot.

By Brett

Answers: Tree #1-Austrian Pine, Tree #2-Marshall Seedless Ash, Tree #3-Maple, Tree #4-Weeping Willow, Tree #5-Russian Olive, Tree #6-Sunburst Locust, Tree #7-Elm, Tree #8-Seedless Cottonwood