Second Graders Describe Winter!





Describing Winter

Winter begins in December.Winters are cold and white.Winters are fun because you can make a Snowmen.

By Nick

Describing Winter

Winter is cold! Winter is windy! Winter is snowy!You can make a sonwman. You need boots.

By Abby


Describing Winter

By Jayce

It is really cold and you get wet . There is snow. it is reallyfun to play in . you could make a snowman.have a snowball fight. play snowgolf and play football in it.It is really fun and your coat gets wet.

Describing Winter

By Abreaunna

This year winter begins on a Sunday.

Winter is when little white things come down from the sky.Alot of kids like winter because it is fun!

You can have a snowball fight and make a snowman.


By Lydia

Winter is cold and flakey.

I love building snowmans and snow cats and snow forts and andigls.Winter smells like frsh snow.

If I dont fell like going outside.I will have hotcocoa yeah.


In Winter

By Tiarzah.

I drink hot cocoa! and get to celebrat with my family Christmas Eve so fun. Happy Holidays !!!!


By Jaden

Winter is cold.At Christmas Santa comes!

Winter is in December.Winter is cool!


By James




Trees are bare.

Snow falls.

Snowman are made.