Winter Celebration


Kwanzaa is a 7 days celebration of unity and pride.



Kwanzaa has 7 days.



Kwanzaa Habari Gani

Kwanzaa is a holiday that started in the 60's during the Civil rights Movements in the United States. That was my special speech. Habari Gani means...what is the news? On Kwanzaa you light seven candles.



I learned a Chinese symbol, it is a lion, speaking of lion, I know what it is in Spanish, it is leon. I also learned they clean their houses to sweep away bad luck and make room for good luck. They have Chinese New Year in January or February.



In Hanukkah you light 1 candle and the you light the others. I like Hanukkah. You spin a dreidel.



I learned about Las Posada. You knock on 3 doors. The first 2 don't let you in, but the third one does! They let you in for a piņata party.



I learned about Chinese New Year with a dragon dance.