Character Counts


This month we have been focusing on the Trustworthiness pillar. We practiced the play "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and then performed it for the kindergarten classes. Take a look at us in ACTION!!

You do not lie if your trustworthy.The boy in the story lied. You always tell the truth. Always be trustworthy. No one will believe you if you lie.

By Sam

If you are at school and you find a toy do you take it to the lost and found or keep it?

By Hunter

Trustworthiness is: when you tell the truth. sometimes. If you are trustworthy you are a good citizen.

By McKenzie

Your trustworthy if someone tells you a secret and you don't tell them. Trustworthy means someone can trust you. If you are trustworthy you always tell the truth.

By Reanna

Always tell the truth. Do not tell lies. If you don't tell the truth people might not believe you. Always keep your promises. If you don't keep your promises people might not let you borrow things.

By Alexa

You are trustworthy if you never steal. You are trustworthy if you tell the truth.

By Brianna

If you lie people will not believe you. You should always tell the truth.

By Brett

You should call for help when you need it.

By Mathia