Character Counts


In March, we have been focusing on the Trustworthiness pillar. We practiced the play "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" and then performed it for other second grade classes. Take a look at us in ACTION!!

I know someone that is trustworthy - Brooke because she tells me the truth when I think it is not true. She is still my friend and no one can change that.

The End

By Taylor

The boy did not do his

job really good because

he was crying wolf two

times. He wanted to see some action.

By Trinity

People are responsible kids. The boy was not good. The villagers would not come.

By Tiffany

The wolf was Trinity.

She brought a wolf mask

for the play. I was the

son. The father was Anthony. The villagers

were Kortni, William,

and Tiffany. The narrator

was Grace. The son was

not trustworthy but the father was trustworthy.

By Nape

Brooke is trustworth because she brung lots of things for the play. The villagers were trustworthy. They did not believe the boy

because he lied.

By Avery

The boy is not Trustworthy. The villagers did not trust the boy at the end because he did trick them.

By William

The boy was lying. I was the narrator. Michael said he would bring a prop but he didn't. Heath was the little boy. Taylor, Elias, and Matthew were the village people.

By Sarah


The wolf of the play was me. I was a villager too. The dad was Austin and the boy was Alex. The boy was not trustworthy because he does tricks and then when it was not a trick they did not believe him.

By Allison

I trusted my group while we did the plays for the adenice. Avery,Dylan, and I forgot to bring something. The boy should next time call wolf only when he sees a wolf.

By Alex

The boy called wolf

but he was lying so

when there was a

wolf no one came to

help him. The wolf

ate 2 of the sheep.I

was the father,Nap`e was the boy,Trinity was the wolf,and Kortni,Tiffany and Willam were the villagers.The play was called the boy who cried wolf.

By Anthony

The villagers were really good, but they need to run a little more faster. The boy was not telling the truth.

By Jessie

Everybody was good. Villagers were funny.

They were doing the play. The boy was tricking them. I was with Elias and heath and Taylor and Michael and Sarah and Jessie.

By Matthew

The wolf was Trinity. The father was Anthony. Nape was the son. Kortni and Tiffany and William were the villagers. I was the narrator. I was able to trust trinity because she was responsible.

By Grace

I learned that you

should not trick people.Sarah asked a question and it was why didn`t the Villagers come

on the last part.The anwser was the boy kept tricking them.

By Heath

I was the father for the play. It was the boy who cried wolf.The boy should have called wolf just when the wolf came.The Villagers did not believe the boy because he tricked all of them.

By Austin

I think that Jessie

should have an angery face.I Think that are

group did a good job

at the play but we

only had one question.

By Michael

Sometimes you trust

someone and sometimes you don`t.The little boy

was not trustworthy

The villagers did not

trust the boy.because the boy

cried wolf when there wasn`t a wolf.

By Brooke

Trustworthiness is when someone trusts you. The boy was not trusted at the end because he tricked them.

By Elias


I can trust Avery because all the times I counted on him he tried to play with me. I can trust my big brother to watch the bird when I am going somewhere and he will do it or my mom and dad will do it. If I say please take care of my bird until I get back home, sometimes my brother will. Sometimes my brother is like the boy who cried wolf because he plays tricks on me.

By Kortni

Next time the boy shouted wolf he should shout wolf only when he sees a wolf so next time he won't lose so many sheep.

By Dylan