Bear Hunt

Mrs. Johnson visited our classroom to teach us about probability and predicting. We had fun bear hunting.

Mrs. Johnson came yesterday to play a game called Bear Hunt. One day Mrs. Johnson came and did some math with us. Then she came and did Bear Hunt on the overhead.Then the next time wich was yesterday we had our own game boards. We had a six by six board and a seven by seven game board.


Me and Riley new where they all where and she gave us 2 ancers and we figured it out .She gave us a esay one to do.


With Mrs Jonson we played a game called bear hunt! It was really fun!

You have to read the rules! If you don't you'll play wrong! Because it's hard! You see you can't have L shapes


We had to fill up a graph.It was really fun!There were 5 colors that we had to use on the gragh.The colors where blue,red, yellow,green, and brown. Mrs.johnson is my reading round-up teache.


Mrs,johnson came to V-2 to do a

game!There where 5 colors.


The colors that we used were blue, yellow,green,brown and red.The point is to have red. I would have a 2 by 2. I can't have an L shape.An L shape is something that is not equil.