Arbor Day Friday, April 27, 2001

I learned we have a new mayor. We sang a song and it was Plant A Tree. Also, we planted a tree and the name was Crab Apple. When it is summer it will grow red pretty flowers.

By Hunter

Arbor Day is when you plant a tree. Trees make paper. Trees make oxygen. Arbor Day is great!

By Sam

On Arbor Day, we planted a tree. Also on Arbor Day we had some kids vote for a national tree. I hope the Pine tree wins! There is a Palm Tree, Dogwood, Oak, an Elm tree and some others.

By Brianna

Arbor Day

We went on a fieldtrip to the courthouse and we planted a tree. We sang a song at the courthouse. The name of the song is Plant A Tree. My class read a poem to the tree.

By Hayley

We sang tree songs. We planted a tree.

We said a poem. Me, Zach, and Mathia got to put in a basket full of soil.

By Wes

Trees have seeds. You water it and it will start to grow.

By Alaura


We voted for trees. We planted a Crab Apple tree. We also learned about trees.

By Dain

Arbor Day Class Photo

By our Crab Apple Tree