Second Graders Describe Santa Claus




Santa waers a red coat.

He has a white beard.

He gives children presents!

He has nine reindeer.

Their names are Rudolph,Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner and Bitzen.

By Alex

Santa wears a red suit.

Santa has black boots.

He has nine reindeer.

Their names are Rudolph,Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner and Blitzen.

By Allison

Santa has a white beard.

Santa has 9 reindeer.

Santa has a red suit.

Santa gives presents to good boys and girls on the 25th

By Anthony

Santa has a belt.

He has a beard.

He has 9 deer.

He has a sleigh.

By Austin

Santa wears red.

Santa has 9 reindeer

he has a red hat .

by Avery

Santa's beard is white as snow.

His suit is red as apples and his bootsare black as my hair.

He loves milk and cookies.

Santa has little helpers called elves.

They're about not even as tall as my brother Paul and he is 5.

By Brooke


By Dylan

Santa is nice because he Brings toys to children.

Santa smokes a pipe.

I like Santa.

He goes down the chimney.

Santa has a big bag of toys.

By Elias

Santa's baered is white. His boots are black and his

suit is usually red. santa has nine reindeer and their

names are:



Blitzen and Ruldoph.

By Grace

Santa has a belt.

Santa has presentds.

Santa has 9 reindeer.

Santa has a whitebeard.

Santa has black boots.

By Heath

Santa has nine Rudouph.

He is dressed in red from his head to his toes.

He has a long beard.

He has rose red cheeks.

By Kortni


By Matthew

Santa says ho ho.

He waers a hat .

He has alot of riendeer.

He has a sleigh.

he has alot of elfs .

he has a caot.

By Michael

Santa wears a red hat.

Santa has 9 reindeer.

Santa comes on Christmas.

Santa says ho ho ho on Christmas.

By Nape

Santa was dressed all in fur to his head to his foot.

He has tons of hair.

his job is with toys.

he is a jolly old man.

By Sarah

Santa has 9 reindeer

I love santa

and he love me.

by Taylor

Santa is coming on the 15th.

I love Santa.

He loves Children.

By Tiffany

Santa wears a coat.

Santa wears a suit.

Santa wears boots.

By Trinity

Santa has a red suit and a hat!

He has reindeer!

He don't not make presents.

The evels make them!

By Wiiliam